A singing group for age 11 and up.... providing quality coaching from experienced and successful leaders in the field.  


A more serious approach to group singing than Seaford has seen before yielding a professional result.   


While this is a fun class, we will be concentrating on creating and crafting beautiful sounds and working hard to achieve a professional result.  No solos will be performed, everyone shines as part of a magnificent sound that we will all deliver together on an even playing field.  A Capella voices and youthful gorgeousness.


Jane Reeves, established leader of the Archway Choir Group and the Director of this new venture, is excited to invite local young people to grow and learn fabulous arrangements taught in a professional and grounded manner in the heart of Seaford .   “Developing a unique sound is going to be extremely fun.   I already know we have a wealth of untapped talent in the area so it’s going to be a wonderful thing to create - with the help of parents and students, we can make something truly fantastic that we can all be immensely proud of.”

Classes will run from 16:30 to 18:00 at The Archway, 1 Blatchington Road, Seaford and will not be stopping for School holidays.  We will perform at least three times per year in concerts at various theatres, fundraising events and any other occasion we feel will show the group at their best.

Pricing Structure

Monthly Direct Debit:   £30

Termly Payment (3 times per year) £115.00

After the first term we hope to offer subsidised rates to students who need it most.

First class Monday 16th of September and then weekly.

Last rehearsal will be 16th of December 2019

First rehearsal of 2020 will be Monday 6th of January